There are many places to find information and ways to get involved in the election.

Get Involved

Voter Information and Education

Official and well-known, non-partisan sources to go to get information on the election.

  • New York State Board of Elections: This is an official NYS agency that is tasked with enacting and enforcing all laws related to elections in New York State.
  • New York City Board of Elections: The NYC BOE is the City's version of the state board and is responsible for running elections in the City.
  • Poll Site Locator: created by the NYC BOE this gives information on where to vote and what districs you're in.
  • New York City Campaign Finance Board:. The CFB is an NYC agency that is non-partisan and helps make campaign finance more fair by matching small donor contributions and providing information about campaign finance.
  • Federal Voting Assistance Project:. FVAP is a federal program charged with helping military and US citizens get the tools and information to vote.
  • Vote 411: is created by the League of Women Voters to give out non-partisan information on how to vote.

Political Parties and Campaigns

On the candidates page you can go to candidate web sites to get involved in their campaigns. Listed here are the party web sites for the major political parties